16th Annual Yahtzee Tournament???? Yes Please!!!

Yahtzee TournamentHi Rollers, Rick here. I’m riding a Yahtzee high right now that has me giddy with enthusiasm. I just got back from participating in “Yahtzee the 16th”, an annual Yahtzee tournament held this year in the bustling town of Wilmington, Delaware. Since all proceeds go to a worthy charity, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to attend.

When I entered the conference space the gaiety was palpable. There was definitely something special in the air. Very special indeed, as people from as far away as Nevada fly in for this yearly celebration of all things awesome, which obviously has Yahtzee at its heart. Tony, the man behind the scenes, has put a drinking spin on this timeless classic. And if you are a lover of yahtzee and imbibing the great gift of beer, then you might want to check out http://www.yahtzeenation.com/rules/ to get the skinny on how he has masterfully interwoven the two.

A scotch and water man myself, it took me awhile to adjust to the free flowing pale ale (sadly it was perhaps a bit too “free flowing”, as my poor performance at the table will attest). Like the ever-popular electronic game “Dice with Buddies” (look me up, I would love to roll!), Tony institutes the “Mulligan Rule” in which you get to take one extra roll during the course of your game in order to improve upon what would be a subpar turn. Now, I’m getting up there in years, getting a little long in the tooth if you will, and changes in rules have a tendency to throw me off a bit. Case in point: I used my mulligan to try to procure my “Fool’s House” – need I say more?

Other than committing one of my worst decision-making errors since going through a mesh tank-top phase back in the ‘70s, I had a grand time at the tournament. In the end a lot of money was made for a great cause, using one of the best vehicles I can think of in which to raise greenbacks – the smooth-riding yet spirited coupe de Yahtzee (Pronounced: Yaht-zay!). The victor was a wonderful young lass – the ladies really know how to roll. And a joyous time was had by all, including yours truly.

Until next year Delaware, you gorgeous blue hen, until next year.

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