16th Annual Yahtzee Tournament???? Yes Please!!!

Yahtzee TournamentHi Rollers, Rick here. I’m riding a Yahtzee high right now that has me giddy with enthusiasm. I just got back from participating in “Yahtzee the 16th”, an annual Yahtzee tournament held this year in the bustling town of Wilmington, Delaware. Since all proceeds go to a worthy charity, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to attend.

When I entered the conference space the gaiety was palpable. There was definitely something special in the air. Very special indeed, as people from as far away as Nevada fly in for this yearly celebration of all things awesome, which obviously has Yahtzee at its heart. Tony, the man behind the scenes, has put a drinking spin on this timeless classic. And if you are a lover of yahtzee and imbibing the great gift of beer, then you might want to check out http://www.yahtzeenation.com/rules/ to get the skinny on how he has masterfully interwoven the two.

A scotch and water man myself, it took me awhile to adjust to the free flowing pale ale (sadly it was perhaps a bit too “free flowing”, as my poor performance at the table will attest). Like the ever-popular electronic game “Dice with Buddies” (look me up, I would love to roll!), Tony institutes the “Mulligan Rule” in which you get to take one extra roll during the course of your game in order to improve upon what would be a subpar turn. Now, I’m getting up there in years, getting a little long in the tooth if you will, and changes in rules have a tendency to throw me off a bit. Case in point: I used my mulligan to try to procure my “Fool’s House” – need I say more?

Other than committing one of my worst decision-making errors since going through a mesh tank-top phase back in the ‘70s, I had a grand time at the tournament. In the end a lot of money was made for a great cause, using one of the best vehicles I can think of in which to raise greenbacks – the smooth-riding yet spirited coupe de Yahtzee (Pronounced: Yaht-zay!). The victor was a wonderful young lass – the ladies really know how to roll. And a joyous time was had by all, including yours truly.

Until next year Delaware, you gorgeous blue hen, until next year.

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Board Game Gimmicks

Kitty Cat

What a pussy!

Big news in the board game community as Monopoly officially changes its lineup of playing tokens with a kitty cat replacing the iron. The removal of the iron token, long considered a symbol of female subordination, has been hailed as a step in the right direction.

This is not the first, and will certainly not be the last, time that that a board game has shuffled its playing piece selection. Clue, for example, has updated its repertoire of weapon pieces over the years. Generally, such moves are gimmicky marketing ploys to drive game sales. With interest temporarily fixated on a new playing piece, public attention is pulled away from the fact that these games are simply base representations of greed and murder. But in this day and age, when board games are controlled by international conglomerates, profit is the sole driving force in the decision-making process.

Rest assured, fellow Yahtzeeists, Yahtzee will never mix up its playing pieces. While its current corporate overlords would undoubtedly love to churn out new editions every month, the game’s simplicity keeps it grounded. All you need are five dice and a pencil!

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Legitimate Turkeys

Dear Yahtzee Manifesto,

I’ve been a life-long Yahtzee fan and I read The Yahtzee Manifesto with great interest. It was so refreshing to discover that Yahtzee embodies many of the same principles that are important to me. Each Thanksgiving, my partner and I stage a Yahtzee tournament with family and friends. As part of the tradition, we always watch the president pardon a turkey on TV! As a vegan, I like the message that this sends to families across the country – that there is an alternative to eating animals. Given that Yahtzee celebrates non-violence and the interconnectivity of all life, I’m curious to know your opinion on this tradition.

PS – I apologize for this question being slightly off-topic!


Brenda Wallace
Boise, Idaho

The Yahtzee Manifesto responds:

Dear Brenda,

It’s very difficult to find a topic that doesn’t relate to Yahtzee, as it is so intertwined with day-to-day life. The Yahtzee Manifesto mailbag receives many letters that aren’t specifically related to the game – so no worries!

I think it’s great that you’ve incorporated Yahtzee into your Thanksgiving tradition. And you’re right, this is a holiday steeped in slaughter – not only of turkeys, but in the legacy of betrayal and genocide. However, I don’t agree that the pardoning of a turkey is a symbol of peace or mercy. Rather, it seems to me that this misguided custom is simply a way to make light of capital punishment by injecting a sense of whimsy into a living being’s execution. I see it as another form of indoctrination, as the public is fed the idea that there is such a thing as legitimate murder.

As we saw in this election season, politicians spewed hogwash about “legitimate” forms of violence, most notably rape. The turkey pardon is simply a subtler example of this. And many more of these notions glide along just under the surface of public consciousness. Legitimate terrorism committed by our heroes as acts of war. Legitimate theft of your property as taxes to be spent against your own interests. That’s not to mention the legitimate brainwashing of our rape-loving God under the guise of religion.

So on this Thanksgiving, let’s try to see through the propaganda that any form of violence is legitimate. Because as M.C. Hammer, a man who knows a thing or two about legitimacy, said in the seminal “Too Legit to Quit”, “The dreams that I have in store in my mind, and I know; That I’m makin it, I gotta get mine and nobody’s takin’ it away.”

With love,

Louise Proctor

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The Yahtzee Uprising of 1956

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